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Located in Noé les Mallets, a Champagne village in the North-East of France, and specifically in the well-known area of the “Côte des Bars” (around 100 miles from Reims), our vineyards have always been cherished by our family for two generations of passionate winegrowers. 

Historically, my grand-parents started in 1950, and joined a Cooperative. Gradually, they developed their own business and most of all, their proper winemaking of Champagne. Several years later, my parents joined the vinefarm, called “Cordeuil Father and Son” then. 

They brought a new dimension to the vine work, in order to respect nature and environment, thanks to more adapted and reasoned practices. Progressively, our vines have been growing in a greener landscape. The next step for our family was obvious: a “bio” certification! And we went ahead and are very proud to have obtained this distinction. 

As far as our Champagnes are concerned, our priority is to let them rest and age in our cellars for a minimum of 5 years, rather than following the average process which is a year and a half (15 months minimum). 

This choice is deliberate, and enables our blends to get naturally sweeter and special over the years, and therefore, needing less liquor addition at the end. This way, all the natural and unique characteristics of our Champagne are kept intact and fully revealed. 2018 starts a new era for our family firm, as it is now my turn to honour and make it shine of sparkling success!

Our 4.60 hectares vinefarm is now “Cordeuil Father and Daughter”, and I shall continue our business development, while respectfully using the 40 years of my ancestors’ techniques and experience. 

Our new “ plus! ” : our Champagne can now be decorated with personalised labels. Parties, weddings, any special occasions are possible to print on your own labels, an original added value to your parties. Contact us and we organise it all for you! 

Champagne Cordeuil, Father and Daughter, will be delighted to welcome you in our cellars, to share our passion while tasting our products. 



Each Champagne is unique. It is the fruit of a terroir, a variety and the work of the winemaker. To get a quality champagne, it takes time. Our wines, bred in the noblest Champagne tradition, reach fullness in our cellars after a minimum of 6 years of aging.


The CORDEUIL Father & Daughter house produces different Champagnes from blends of years and grape varieties.

Brut Réserve, Champagne Cordeuil
Millesime 2006, Champagne Cordeuil
Brut Rosé, Champagne Cordeuil
Brut Tradition, Champagne Cordeuil
Chardonnay, Champagne Cordeuil
Cuvée Sensation, Champagne Cordeuil
Millésime bio 2015.png

Meet Us


6 Rue du Val des Vignes 10360 Noé-les-Mallets

03 25 29 65 37  /  06 08 48 05 05  /  07 86 56 38 17


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