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Our History

Located in Noé les Mallets, a Champagne village in the North-East of France, and specifically in the well-known area of the “Côte des Bars” (around 100 miles from Reims), our vineyards have always been cherished by our family for two generations of passionate winegrowers. 

Historically, my grand-parents started in 1950, and joined a Cooperative. Gradually, they developed their own business and most of all, their proper winemaking of Champagne. Several years later, my parents joined the vinefarm, called “Cordeuil Father and Son” then.

They brought a new dimension to the vine work, in order to respect nature and environment, thanks to more adapted and reasoned practices. Progressively, our vines have been growing in a greener landscape. The next step for our family was obvious: a “bio” certification! And we went ahead and are very proud to have obtained this distinction. 

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