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Our organic commitment

For more than twenty years, committed to offering you Champagnes in harmony with nature, the terroir, we have been committed to sustainable viticulture .

It is in this spirit that little by little, we replaced the weeding carried out using weed killers by a control of the natural grass thanks to the mowing and the ploughing.


During this period, we reduced our anti-mildew and anti-oidium interventions (the two main fungus pests of the vine) by a third, eliminated insecticides and anti-rot treatments. In fact, weeding promotes the proliferation of predators of insects harmful to the vine, and reduces the appearance of rot.


In 2011, we decided to engage in organic viticulture. It was in 2015 that half of the farm was certified organic, and all of it was in 2020.


The reward for our approach is great:

- We pollute the environment less.

- Thanks to the grass, we prevent gullying in the vineyard when there are heavy rains. The grass retains the earth, and the mud no longer invades our paths.

- The grass clippings decompose to nourish the soil and then become green manure for the vines.

On the other hand, weeding competes with the vine and thus obliges it to draw water and nutrients from deeper depths, which in reality allows a much richer expression of the terroir.

You can now discover our first organic cuvée, a vintage from the 2015 harvest.

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