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Our history

In  1950,  Jeannine and Raymond CORDEUIL  replanted the first Pinot Noir vines on the AOC Champagne land bequeathed by Mariette and René CORDEUIL.

In  1971, after twenty years  at the cooperative cellar, Jeannine and Raymond decide to produce their own  Champagne. At that time, the vineyard covers 4ha (3.5ha Pinot noir and 0.5ha Pinot blanc).

In  1973 the children Yves and gilbert decide to settle in the vineyard  and replant 3ha50 (3ha of Pinot Noir and 0.50 Chardonnay).

In  1985  after a long apprenticeship alongside his father,  Gilbert takes responsibility for the development of Champagne CORDEUIL father & son.

     Currently,  the vineyard  of 4.2 hectares  located in the coast of bars on the slopes of Noé les Mallets,  Fontette, and Ville sur Arce (3ha Pinot noir, 0.8ha Chardonnay and 0.2ha Pinot blanc and 0.2ha of Pinot meunier),  is pampered by  Gilbert and his daughter Erlande, who becomes the manager. Operation becomes  quite naturally the house of Champagne Cordeuil father & daughter.

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